Team Coaching

Developing high performing teams across countries, continents and cultures.

Creating a high performing team can be challenging under any circumstances, but when team members have diverse geographic, cultural and educational backgrounds and faiths, how can these individual differences be harnessed to create a superperforming whole?

In our experience, it is all about understanding and appreciating individual ‘behaviour’.

Our Team Coaching and Development Programmes with diverse cultural groups* focus on creating self and team awareness of behaviour preferences, which collectively can enrich team capability to deliver high levels of performance and strengthen the team as a unit.

Coaching Bridge operates across the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle-East designing and delivering tailored coaching and team development programmes which support you, your teams and your organisation to achieve results.

Martin’s story

I found myself working with such a team recently in the Middle East. Assembled just 4 months before the ‘team workshop’ I was facilitating, with the brief from its European owned parent to “develop the Middle-East market”.

The team consisted of: an English MD (with 12 years service with the parent company); Indian Finance Director; Egyptian Sales Director, Tunisian Customer Relations Director, French Logistics & Supply Director and half- Lebanese, half-Italian Marketing Director. As workplace gender diversity is encouraged, the male/female ratio was equal too!

The results of personality profiling highlighted a completely different range of behavioural preferences – we spent time talking about, understanding and appreciating each others differences and how we can bring these together to form a powerful team.


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