Group Coaching Super-Vision

Developing your strengths as a coach

Our Group Coaching Super-Vision helps Coaches to see themselves and their coaching practice from above and below, inside and outside, to the left and the right while always remaining in the present moment. It is investing regularly in a 360-degree tour of yourself to always be at your best and serve your clients to the highest standard. 

The Benefits of Group Coaching Super-Vision for you as a Coach

As a Coach developing your skills and capacity to do great work requires space, reflection and sharing your experiences with other like-minded coaches in a safe and confidential environment. Our new Group Coaching Super-Vision programme will be open to all Coaches who wish to explore how to deepen their own practice, raise awareness of their impact and presence and gain insights on themselves through an appreciative inquiry approach.

Our Group Coaching Super-Vision

  • Small groups of experienced and energised Coaches
  • Meet 4 times a year (either ‘virtually’ or in person)
  • Each session lasts 3 hours
  • Each Group will be led by Judith Underhill & Mike Clark, both who are accredited Coaches and Coach Super-Visors
  • £600 per Coach

To register your interest in joining our Group Super-Vision Programme please enter your details below and Judith and Mike will be delighted to have a conversation with you.

We are also introducing our Group Coaching Super-Vision programmes to qualified Coaches in the Middle East. We are doing this in collaboration with our Middle East based partners, PragmaDoms

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Mike Clark Is An APECS Accredited Executive Coach