Debrief and Reflect . . .

Capture outcomes and spread the word

Mike Clark works with Leaders from a range of cultures and backgrounds in organisations across the world. He focuses on the strategic drivers and values for an organisation and how the development of current and future leaders can support the achievement of immediate and long term goals.

Mike has worked with over 1000 leaders in UK, Americas,Europe, Middle East and India providing bespoke development to enable Leaders – and their teams and their organisations – to become even better at what they do.

Mike builds strong relationships with the Leaders he works with. He has a relaxed and open style of engagement, which is natural and authentic, and he creates a safe and welcoming environment for learning. He works very effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds who respect his honesty and integrity as a Coach, Facilitator and Developer.

Mike has a passion for creativity and always wants his development work to be memorable and different as a way to embed learning. He is extremely positive and upbeat and this is reflected in his belief in appreciative and strengths based development.

Mike works and collaborates with like minded people who specialise in coaching and leadership development.

Telephone: +44 (0)7836 508363