Coaching New Leaders

Making A Positive Impact in the First 100 Days

You have just appointed a new leader into a senior role in your organisation. You now have the best person for the job after an effective recruitment process. You know you need to make sure that your new hire can be ‘up and running’ as fast as possible.

You are aware that the first three months, or 100 Days, is a crucial time for your new leader. Whether joining from another company, or being promoted from within, the leader will be at their most vulnerable in this early stage of their new job, striving to make sense of the organisational and team culture, key deliverables and expectations, while experiencing personal transition and change.

This is where Coaching Bridge can help you and your organisation. We are experienced coaches and developers who specialise in supporting new business and functional leaders during this important phase.

Together, we design and deliver a bespoke First 100 Day Development Programme, helping your new leader to assimilate properly into their new role and responsibilities.

First 100 Day Development Programme

We appreciate the need for your organisation and your new leaders to want to make a difference as quickly as possible, and to have a positive impact on their key stakeholders.

To do this, we find that new leaders are more effective when they have a defined 100 Day Development Programme, which includes a clear set of agreed personal, and work objectives that can be achieved to help them to thrive in their new role.

Key features of the Coaching Bridge First 100 Day Development Programme are:

  • Preparing for the New Role
  • Creating a 100 Day Development Plan
  • ‘Face to Face’ Coaching Sessions
  • 100 Day Development Plan Review and Actions