About Us

We work with leaders & organisations together to:

DEFINE understand the challenge and agree the brief
DISCOVER plan the journey, visualise the outcomes
DESIGN consider options, create actions, make it participative and engaging
DELIVER bespoke leadership and coaching programmes aligned to vision and values
DEBRIEF review learning, performance indicators and bridge the gap

Leaders and their organisations understand that development can make a positive difference to their business and performance. Decision makers seek out ways to enable people and teams to become more effective in their work, to understand more about their potential and how to use it, and support people in their new role to be at their best and quickly add value to the team. Development is a key contributor to performance improvement.

We have a successful track record of working with clients in the UK, Europe, India, Middle East and North America.  We build long term relationships, understanding the organisations’ DNA, and working closely with all stakeholders to fulfil people and team development goals.

We specialise in leadership development coaching, identifying and developing talented ‘future leaders’ and creating high performing teams. Coaching Bridge is a team of professional and qualified developers who are passionate about helping Leaders and Organisations realise their potential.

In 2016, we expanded our business by setting up a new Leadership Development and Coaching company in India.